Dave Captures Hannibal Beard, they then go for  stroll. Dave has no idea it will be his last.


Waiting for the elevator in Vegas.  Hannibal Beard is wondering if he can eat all his captors.

Hannibal beard attempts to break free and eat Roy. Roy seems quite un aware he will soon be eaten.

Hannibal Beard gets a call from Clairice, We continue through the casino. Casino patrons seem amused, hardly aware of the danger should the monster escape.


Hannibal Beard attempts to eat everyone that passes by.


Snarling and spitting, screaming at all that pass by. Dave is proud of his new pet cannibal. Scarcely aware in a few moments he will be eaten.


Having just snarled and asked the parents of the child behind him if he could eat their child, the passer by's look visibly disturbed.



So it will be off to the holding cell in Phoenix, He sees his last chance to escape, Hannibal Beard bites off Steve C's ear and then slices his gut.

This is the last picture of Hannibal Beard, having consumed Dave (burp) and Roy and Clark he seems content.


The only remains left was Dave's budda. This budda is now on permanent display at UE. A shrine to the great Budda... Its said the budda can still be heard flatulating if you listen quietly.


This story is undoubtly un finished and will be amended once Hannibal Beard reappears.