Camp Verde - My Arizona Family

We went up to attend the V-Bar-V Archaeology Discovery Days and Agave Roast

Well,, actually we went up because it had been way to long since our last visiting.

The event was located here - much more info about the 3000 year old petroglyph site is located here and here


Arizona is far more then dry barren desert.. In fact very little is desert.. This is Beaver Creek. That water is 40F degrees.



Its called Red Rock for a reason. Look red dirt !

Everybody at the booth


Rob hard at work in their booth knapping. He is using a antler to carve stone flints. His work is just stunning.

Many people came to the booth to see his work


Lee was the booth representive and seriously worked the crowds..

There were record crowds this year and the booth was always busy.



How to start a fire


Willy showing everybody how to use a Atlatl for kill shots.


Dave showing everybody how NOT to use a Atlatl



This guy here owns and shoots cannons among other historic weapons. Nice hobby..

National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

There were all sorts of cool exibits and booths


WAIT A MINUTE.. This is no tourist. However he was bearing gifts which were enjoyed later.


Who might this be ?  Daddy's little girl


The old tree over by the petroglyphs. Its at least 500 years old and its trunk is 10 feet across. It must be 7 stories tall.


It provided shade for a number of fun activities later in the day.


Later Dave, Josh and I did the whole "See no evil, Hear no Evil, Say no evil" as tourists walked by.


Back to the house after a very stony day / 4-20 a few days early. Look its Fonzi or maybe Josh..


Willy proving he was very efficient at roping straw bull buts..


Dave knocking all the bark off a tree limb



Dave and the baby