A Awesome Sunday in Camp Verde



City living SUX. Good times can't really be found in city life.

I Have been adopted by my second family up north. They kidnap me and force me to have awesome fun and will eventually cause me to move and adopt a much more fun and healthier lifestyle.

This is a recent trip up north


Camp verde is a place that is small and VERY old fashioned hometown in feel. Its clean air and great views are stunning. The starry nights are inky black. The place defines peaceful.


Its a place where you can have a pet doorbell. 

This guy sits on the front porch and makes lots of rattling any time someone gets close by. He is a nice security system as well.


Its a place where you can have your own bus and firetruck and create a homestead

The bus is a kick ass party shack, hang out and workroom

You cant do THIS in a apartment or condo


YES I said FIRETRUCK. It works too. Nice collectable.


Lee's house

You can have a cool garden out back


Its a place of good people


Of course you gotta have lots of great pets




A kitty that can fart on demand. Not your average kitty trick.

Sadly this kitty my have been gotten by a coyote.

Very fresh eggs


Some pets that not just anyone can own


Not your average bumper stickers



On this trip we decided to go shooting for Xbox's.

3 minute drive away and you can go shooting, swimming, ATV'ing and about everything fun known to man. This is one hell of a place to live and play




The Xbox proved to be really tuff, it required a number of shotgun blasts and some 30/30 rounds and numerous 22 hits. Even after all that it still survived. It will eventually be dispatched.




General shooting good times



The younger ones are great shots - not to be outdone by the older guys



Her first time shooting the 30/30


The professional sharpshooter. Very cool boots.



Golfing was also fun



The 3 Amigos may soon have their own party pad



Right out of a Captain Morgan ad