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I recommend VLC Media player you can get it here and it works for mac and about every system known to man

On some movies I use high quality encoding and this REQUIRES VLC These are marked in red


===>> Windows Media Player Format  -- Start it playing and then pause it and wait for it to fully download before watching <<===

This will produce a black page while the movie downloads which will take a hour or more


Right click and "Save Link As" / "Save Target As" and download it and watch it later..



You can download the files via FTP  Username abcd1234 password abcd1234

You should use a real FTP client rather then a browser in this case

Visitor-Q    Wikipedia

Fulltime Killer    Wikipedia

Grave Of The Fire flies   Wikipedia

Audition   Wikipedia

Dead Girl    Wikipedia

Birdemic    Wikipedia

Man Behind The Sun    Wikipedia

Ong Bak - Muay Thai Warrior    Wikipedia

Lady Vengeance   Wikipedia

Up    Wikipedia

Eraserhead    Wikipedia

Suicide Club    Wikipedia

Ichi The Killer    Wikipedia

Izo    Wikipedia

Run Bitch Run  Review


We Are The Night English audio  // We are the night Original German audio English subs

Harold & Kumar Xmas

Other Stuff

Tripping The Rift episode

Dark Side Of The Moon - DTS Quad music CD - Encrypted

To obtain this you must prove you are worthy

Surround system required


The Making Of Dark Side Of The Moon


Game roms


MAME  Wikipedia


MESS  Wikipedia   Complete with the PDP 1 space wars paper tape