-- DAVE --

The puke master



Dave is 6 foot 8 and 320 lbs

Dave can consume a 48 oz steak in under 8 minutes

Dave can drink a pitcher of margaritas without taking a breath

Dave eats 10 packs of Ramen at once with a 12 pack of generic beer

all that in one night...



The incident - Background and prep


Dave consumed a very large amount of 8.0% beer. He then did something rare he consumed some very good herbage. Then shortly fell asleep. Dave's snoring was so awesome it was decided that a proper recording of it needed to be made. This later captured the puking.


Using professional recording gear and Pro-tools a recording was started using a close mike on a tripod less the 3 inches from his face where he was lying on his side. This was single channel and very high resolution. Chris Beard deserves credit as the recording engineer.


It was discovered that various noises made Dave snore in different ways and several devices were used to effect changes in the snoring. The last attempt seemed somehow to trigger the puking while he was sleeping.


A Nokia cell phone was set to the loudest and most piercing ring possible and this phone was placed directly against Dave's ear. A call was made From the recording room to this Nokia phone blasting Dave's unconscious brain with these deafening Nokia rings. 


This is the ringing heard at the beginning of the recording. The phone fell off him and this knocked the battery loose and stopped the ringing.


This clearly stimulated the puking part of his brain somehow as we had tried several other very loud noises and none had any effect until the Nokia.



The Incident - Puking while sleeping


Who would have thought that you could puke while asleep ! and STAY asleep !


You  =MUST= listen to this with headphones !


The high resolution of the recording captures every bubble and all the froth. It captures the very smell and taste of vomit. Each heave being more disgusting then the last.


You can hear the "oh, whew, wow man" that we all know after puking. The relief. This is captured in the exhales and sighs complete with spittle and drool that you can hear blowing around in his own exhales.


You can hear him suck the vomit back into his nose.


Then in under 3 minutes he is snoring again at the end of the tape.


Truly -AWE- inspiring !!!!







 Dave Puking While Sleeping


Warning: this is a high resolution MP3 256Kbs and is 8MB !

Headphones are ==HIGHLY== recommended