Apex is packed with goodies and daunting in scope


Safety first !




Always put CRT tubes as high as possible and make sure they are ready to fall.

This is called the CRT Rule and is strictly enforced


The 1950's truck just barely visible below was buried for a very long time and is just now re-emerging. Chris has his foot on the bumper.

There is nothing as much fun as climbing around at Apex, it is dangerous but sometimes rewarding as the best stuff is buried.




A helicopter cockpit. Obviously crash landed at Apex and no one noticed

It then slowly succumbed to the forces of Apex and was dismembered


Apex - The entrance to surplus heaven


The entrance to the yard from the street



Notice the diverse items in Apex. On the floor is a 1940's typewriter, and 2 nice broadcast VTR's above.


Diverse ?? How a about a Million $ Telecine ??  Slowly decaying exposed to the elements.

That's a Rank Cintel Mark III


Inside Apex. These are 12 foot tall racks that tower over you. With only 4 feet to walk between them, notice everything leaning and ready to fall. You would be buried alive in a earthquake.

The people who work there know where everything is too, as impossible as that sounds.

Torpedoes, payphones, fans, cryogenic tanks, power line transformers..




Smiling Apex clients, this happy state may be the result of chemical exposure and lasts for hours after you spend time at Apex.